The Zyxel Encyclopedia help you easily realize the concepts and terminologies of security information. Search in the encyclopedia for application name or categories, you can view the application detail, description, and categories. Using the information to prioritize, throttle, and block certain application(s) to boost productivity and prevent bandwidth abuse.

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  • China Individual Income Tax
    ChinaTax plugin classifies the traffic of the chinese web site for individual income taxes.
  • FMF - Federación Mexicana de Fútbol
    FMF - Federación Mexicana De Fútbol website is the official website of the Federación Mexicana De Fútbol.
  • Sophos
    Sophos is a British based security software and hardware company. This plugin classifies website traffic.
  • CookieLaw
    CookieLaw provides mainly commercial privacy compliance tools and services under the OneTrust and CookiePro brands. CookiePro is a cookie law compliance mechanism that can be placed on any website. This plugin classifies traffic to cookielaw.org and cookiepro.com websites.
  • Nanopool
    NanoPool is a web site connecting miners of major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Raven, Conflux, and Monero.
Updated Application
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  • Domain Name Service
    Network Service
    The DNS protocol is used to translate internet names (www.site.com) into IP address and vice versa. This protocol plug-in classifies DNS and its 'children' LLMNR, mDNS and DNSSEC (RFC 4033, RFC 3225), which are recognizable by the value of the Q_DNS_NAME_RESOLUTION_TYPE attribute. [ dns is also known as llmnr.]
  • Facebook
    Facebook is a social network.
  • Xunlei/Thunder protocol
    Peer to Peer
    Xunlei/Thunder is a Chinese multi-protocol download manager. It uses several DDL websites and P2P protocols to retrieve files. This plug-in only classifies Thunder-specific P2P protocols, and miscellaneous HTTP/HTTPS traffic related to the Xunlei/Thunder application. Downloads made by the application from public HTTP or FTP websites won't be classified as thunder, but as http and ftp_data for most of them. The usage of third party P2P protocols won't be classified as thunder, but as bittorrent or edonkey instead. UDP classification of Thunder/Xunlei streams is extended using DNS Caching. Note: In Basic-DPI, Partial classification during file download on Android.
  • Bing.com (formerly MSN Search)
    This protocol is used for sending user queries to the Bing search engine.
  • Salesforce
    Salesforce is an on-line customer relationship management (CRM) web product.
  • YouKu
    Youku is a chinese video hosting web service.
  • Google Generic
    This protocol is a generic layer used as a base for all the services running on top of Google platforms. Note: In Basic-DPI, Partial classification over http.
  • CartoonNetwork
    Websites of an American TV channel for children.
  • CNN (Cable News Network)
    CNN is an international TV network, broadcasting news to the web and to mobile device applications.
  • Taobao
    Taobao is a chinese shopping website.
  • Amazon Web Services/Cloudfront CDN
    Amazon AWS is a cloud-computing platform offered by Amazon, that includes Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).
  • KIK Messenger
    Instant Messaging
    KIK Messenger is a Chinese Instant Messaging service. KIK now also includes the Rounds service which is a a live social platform.
  • Sina Video
    Chinese on-line video streaming and VOD service.
  • BuzzFeed.com
    International news webportal.
  • Gameloft Games
    Games for mobile devices by Gameloft.
  • Oracle
    Oracle Corporation is multinational computer technology corporation. The company specializes in developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products, particularly its own brands of database management systems.
  • Adobe
    Adobe Systems is a computer software company. It develops graphic designer software and Andio and Video editing and visual effects. This plug-in classifies traffic to the website.
  • AppNexus
    AppNexus is an internet advertising technology and solution.
  • CBS Video
    CBS Video is a site which streams movies, tv series, etc. It also classifies the web accesses to the "CBS Interactive"video delivery network, used by many video providers like CNET, Gamespot, Last.fm, etc.
  • LogMeIn
    This signature detects generic connections to remote control, remote assistance and VPN servers managed by LogMeIn. It covers usage of products like LogMeIn Central, Rescue, Backup, Hamachi, etc.
  • Microsoft
    This signature classifies hosts owned by Microsoft.
  • New Relic
    Application performance monitoring and real-time analytics solutions.
  • Shutterstock
    Shutterstock is a global marketplace for images, videos and music.
  • Google Cloud Platform
    Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products.
  • Cisco
    Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational technology. This plugin classifies the website browsing.
  • TikTok (Musical.ly)
    Instant Messaging
    TikTok is a social network application acquired by ByteDance and previously known as Musical.ly. It allows its users to share live stream video content.
  • Alibaba Group
    Alibaba Group Holding Limited is a Chinese multinational conglomerate specializing in e-commerce, retail, Internet, AI and technology. This plugin is the default classification of domain names owned by Alibaba Group.
  • Alibaba Cloud
    Alibaba Cloud, also known as Aliyun, is a Chinese cloud computing company, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group.
  • I Want TFC
    IWant TFC is an over-the-top content (OTT) platform exclusively available in the Philippines. It is the merge of IWant TV and TFC services.
  • Tibbr
    Tibbr is a social network for work. This plugin classifies traffic generated by the website browsing.
  • Kuwo
    Kuwo provides music streaming services.
  • Category
  • Antivirus
    Antivirus update
  • Application Service
    Background service
  • Audio/Video
    Application/Protocol used to transport audio or video content
  • Authentication
    Protocol used for authentification purposes
  • Behavioral
    Protocol classified by non-deterministic criteria based on statistical analysis of packet form and session behavior.
  • Compression
    Compression layers
  • Database
    Protocol used for database remote queries
  • Encrypted
    Encryption protocol
  • ERP
    Enterprise Resource Planning application
  • File Server
    File transfer protocol
  • File Transfer
    Protocol used for user-to-user file transfers via Instant-Messaging applications.
  • Forum
    Web forum
  • Game
    Gaming protocol
  • Instant Messaging
    Instant messaging application
  • Mail
    Email exchange protocol
  • Microsoft Office
    Microsoft office sub-protocol
  • Middleware
    Platform protocol for remote procedure calls
  • Network Management
    Protocol used for IT management
  • Network Service
    Low level network protocol
  • Peer to Peer
    Peer to peer application
  • Printer
    Printer commmunication protocol
  • Routing
    Network routing protocol
  • Security Service
    Workstation security application
  • Standard
    Basic layers defined by Qosmos
  • Telephony
    Telephony core network protocol
  • Terminal
    Remote terminal protocol
  • Thin Client
    Remote control protocol
  • Tunneling
    Tunneling protocol
  • Wap
    Mobile specific transport protocol
  • Web
    Generic web traffic
  • Webmail
    Web email application
  • Custom
    Custom Family