The Zyxel Encyclopedia help you easily realize the concepts and terminologies of security information. Search in the encyclopedia for application name or categories, you can view the application detail, description, and categories. Using the information to prioritize, throttle, and block certain application(s) to boost productivity and prevent bandwidth abuse.

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    2022-06-17 01:45:35
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  • Hinge
    Hinge is a dating application edited by Match Group.
  • Paramount
    Paramount (previously ViacomCBS) is an American multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate. This plugin classifies the website access.
  • CCB - China Construction Bank
    China Construction Bank (CCB) is a Chinese bank. This plugin classifies the website and iOS application browsing.
  • Paramount+
    Paramount+, formerly known as CBS All Access, is a video streaming service.
  • Chang Ba
    Chang Ba is a chinese karaoke platform. This plugin classifies website and Android application traffic.
  • China Unicom - China United Telecommunications Corporation
    China Unicom - China United Telecommunications Corporation is a Chinese telecommunications operator. This plugin classifies web site and Android application browsing.
  • Faceu
    Faceu is a camera application and photo/video editing application owned by Bytedance. This plugin classifies the chinese version of the application.
  • Tencent Map
    Tencent Map is the map service of Tencent.
  • Agricultural Bank of China
    Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), also known as AgBank, is a chinese bank. This plugin classifies web site and mobile applications browsing traffic.
  • BOC - Bank of China
    The Bank of China (BOC) is a Chinese national commercial bank. This plugin classifies the website traffic.
  • Vipshop - Wei Pin Hui
    Vipshop - Wei Pin Hui is a chinese shopping website. This plugin classifies web site and applications browsing.
  • China Merchants Bank - CMB
    China Merchants Bank (CMB) is a chinese bank.This plugin classifies web site and mobile applications browsing traffic.
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  • Category
  • Antivirus
    Antivirus update
  • Application Service
    Background service
  • Audio/Video
    Application/Protocol used to transport audio or video content
  • Authentication
    Protocol used for authentification purposes
  • Behavioral
    Protocol classified by non-deterministic criteria based on statistical analysis of packet form and session behavior.
  • Compression
    Compression layers
  • Database
    Protocol used for database remote queries
  • Encrypted
    Encryption protocol
  • ERP
    Enterprise Resource Planning application
  • File Server
    File transfer protocol
  • File Transfer
    Protocol used for user-to-user file transfers via Instant-Messaging applications.
  • Forum
    Web forum
  • Game
    Gaming protocol
  • Instant Messaging
    Instant messaging application
  • Mail
    Email exchange protocol
  • Microsoft Office
    Microsoft office sub-protocol
  • Middleware
    Platform protocol for remote procedure calls
  • Network Management
    Protocol used for IT management
  • Network Service
    Low level network protocol
  • Peer to Peer
    Peer to peer application
  • Printer
    Printer commmunication protocol
  • Routing
    Network routing protocol
  • Security Service
    Workstation security application
  • Standard
    Basic layers defined by Qosmos
  • Telephony
    Telephony core network protocol
  • Terminal
    Remote terminal protocol
  • Thin Client
    Remote control protocol
  • Tunneling
    Tunneling protocol
  • Wap
    Mobile specific transport protocol
  • Web
    Generic web traffic
  • Webmail
    Web email application
  • Custom
    Custom Family