The Zyxel Encyclopedia help you easily realize the concepts and terminologies of security information. Search in the encyclopedia for application name or categories, you can view the application detail, description, and categories. Using the information to prioritize, throttle, and block certain application(s) to boost productivity and prevent bandwidth abuse.

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    2021-07-29 07:45:27
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  • Smartsheet
    Smartsheet is a software as a service (SaaS) providing collaboration and work management tools.
  • Udemy
    Udemy is an online courses platform.
  • Microsoft Azure Media Services
    Microsoft Azure Media Services is a cloud-based media workflow platform.
  • Orbit Showtime Network - OSN
    This plugin classifies website browsing and OSN streaming applications traffic. Orbit Showtime Network (OSN) is a Middle Eastern multinational direct-broadcast satellite provider and also a video platform for Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
  • Looker
    Looker Data Sciences, Inc. is an American computer software company. It was acquired by Google in 2019 and is now part of the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Azure Speech
    Speech is an Azure Cognitive Service to transcribe spoken audio to text, translate and convert text to realistic speech.
  • MeisterLabs
    MeisterLabs is German application editor. This plugin classifies their website. MindMeister is a mind mapping tool and MeisterTask is a task management application.
  • OpenSesame
    OpenSesame is an online courses platform.
  • Microsoft Stream
    Microsoft Stream is the corporate video-sharing service of Microsoft Office365.
  • Azure Speech Speech-To-Text
    Speech Speech-To-Text is the Speech service to transcribe spoken audio to text.
  • Azure Speech Speech-To-Speech
    Speech Speech-To-Speech is the Speech service for translation.
  • Azure Speech Text-To-Speech
    Speech Text-To-Speech is the Speech service to translate and convert text to realistic speech.
Updated Application
  • Application
  • Google Search
    This protocol is used for sending user queries to the Google search engine. This signature only classifies non-encrypted queries to the Google servers.
  • Skype
    Instant Messaging
    Skype is a widely used voice over IP protocol. It was merged with MSN service in 2013. It's required to use this protocol in conjunction with windowslive protocol to optimize the coverage of traffic generated by Skype clients. This plug-in now includes previous MSN-related flow signatures to provide both login and chat support. UDP classification is assisted using DNS Caching. Note: In Basic-DPI, Partial classification over https.
  • Yahoo Mail v.2.0
    This protocol is the ajax based version of Webmail Yahoo. Note: In Basic-DPI, Partial classification over http.
  • Youtube.com
    Youtube is a website where users can send or watch videos.
  • Orange webmail
    Orangemail is the webmail of webmail.orange.fr.
  • LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is professional social network.
  • Viber
    Viber is a free embedded voice over-ip application, for smartphones.
  • Addicting Games
    Addicting Games websites, operated by the American company Defy Media.
  • Alexa
    Alexa provides web analytics and statistics.
  • Daily Mail
    Daily Mail is a famous daily news website, and dedicated mobile application, from UK.
  • Vimeo
    Vimeo is a high definition video streaming platform, to be accessed from a web browser or mobile applications.
  • Sina Weibo
    Sina Weibo is a Chinese microblogging website.
  • Yahoo.com
    Yahoo is a pseudo-protocol which classifies generic web services related to Yahoo.
  • WeChat
    Instant Messaging
    WeChat is a text and voice messaging application for mobile. This plug-in classifies file transfers, chat and audio/video calls. Tencent is the owner of QQ and Wechat
  • CloudFlare CDN
    CloudFlare CDN is a content delivery network with advanced security and analytics features. Cloudflare also provides a DDoS prevention tool.
  • Ask.fm
    International Social network
  • Google Accounts
    This plugin classifies traffic to the Google Accounts server.
  • Samsung
    Samsung is a South Korean multinational company.
  • Urbanairship
    Urbanairship provides tools and services designed for mobile application developers, it becomes Airship.
  • NBC
    NBC is an american TV network.
  • Microsoft
    This signature classifies hosts owned by Microsoft.
  • Signal Private Messenger (Open Whisper Systems)
    Instant Messaging
    Open Whisper Systems (OWS) instant messaging mobile application that implements the Signal secured protocol. Audio/Video calls are classified as OWS.
  • Google Chrome Remote Desktop
    This signature classifies chrome remote desktop based on DNS caching and SSL common name on PC as well as on Mobile
  • x_vpn
    x-vpn unblock the web securely, privately and anonymously on your Android devices. x-vpn was formerly FastLemon VPN
  • Wish
    Wish is an e-commerce website and application.
  • Eurosport
    Eurosport is a sport Pay TV channel. This plugin classifies website browsing.
  • Toutiao
    Toutiao is a news recommendation engine and a content delivery platform of Bytedance.
  • MediaLab
    MediaLab.AI is a holding company of internet brands like Kik, Whisper, DatPiff, Manga Life and Coco e-learning. This plugin classifies website traffic.
  • Category
  • Antivirus
    Antivirus update
  • Application Service
    Background service
  • Audio/Video
    Application/Protocol used to transport audio or video content
  • Authentication
    Protocol used for authentification purposes
  • Behavioral
    Protocol classified by non-deterministic criteria based on statistical analysis of packet form and session behavior.
  • Compression
    Compression layers
  • Database
    Protocol used for database remote queries
  • Encrypted
    Encryption protocol
  • ERP
    Enterprise Resource Planning application
  • File Server
    File transfer protocol
  • File Transfer
    Protocol used for user-to-user file transfers via Instant-Messaging applications.
  • Forum
    Web forum
  • Game
    Gaming protocol
  • Instant Messaging
    Instant messaging application
  • Mail
    Email exchange protocol
  • Microsoft Office
    Microsoft office sub-protocol
  • Middleware
    Platform protocol for remote procedure calls
  • Network Management
    Protocol used for IT management
  • Network Service
    Low level network protocol
  • Peer to Peer
    Peer to peer application
  • Printer
    Printer commmunication protocol
  • Routing
    Network routing protocol
  • Security Service
    Workstation security application
  • Standard
    Basic layers defined by Qosmos
  • Telephony
    Telephony core network protocol
  • Terminal
    Remote terminal protocol
  • Thin Client
    Remote control protocol
  • Tunneling
    Tunneling protocol
  • Wap
    Mobile specific transport protocol
  • Web
    Generic web traffic
  • Webmail
    Web email application
  • Custom
    Custom Family