Cookies and Similar Technologies

Cookies and Similar Technologies

We use cookies and similar tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our sites by displaying personalised content based on your preferences. Where required by law, we will obtain your consent before we collect related information from your device or use these technologies. If you do not want your information to be collected through the use of these technologies, you can disable cookies in your web browser settings. However, doing so may impact your browsing experience and limit the online services we may provide you.

a. Third-Party Cookies

We work with third parties to place cookies on our sites. These cookies help to personalise content, serve ads and improve the users’ web experience. These include:

  • AdRoll Smart Pixel
    AdRoll SmartPixel tracks user visits in preparation for defining the audiences and segments for our retargeting campaigns. Read more:
  • Baidu Tracking Code
    This provides reports about the source of visitors, user demographics, content viewed on our sites, heatmaps, and other features. Read more:
  • Crazy Egg Tracking Code
    Crazy Egg provides heatmaps, scrollmaps, and other services like A/B testing and recordings. Read more:
  • Google
    We use the following Google services:
    • —Google AdWords
      We use Google's advertising service to promote important keywords and run marketing campaigns. Read more:
    • —Google Analytics
      Google Analytics is used to track site statistics and user demographics, interests, and behaviour on our sites. We also use Google Search Console to help us understand how visitors find our website and to improve our search engine optimisation. Visit to learn more about how this analytics information may be used and how to control the use of your information.
    • —Google Tag Manager
      We use Google Tag Manager to deploy and manage website tags. Read more:
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking Code
    Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that helps us measure the effectiveness and performance of our advertising. The data it collects allows us to understand website visitors’ actions. Read more:
  • Heatmap Tracking Code
    We use the Heatmap tracking code to understand user behaviour on our sites in order to improve our content strategy. Read more:
  • HubSpot Tracking Code
    We use Hubspot to track marketing activities in social media marketing, content management, web analytics, and search engine optimisation. Read more:
  • LinkedIn Conversion Tracking
    This is used to track the performance of our advertising on Linkedin and to optimise our digital marketing approach in the future. Read more:
  • Marketo Tracking Code
    We use this code to analyse user behaviour. Read more:
  • Spiceworks
    We use JavaScript scripts developed by Spiceworks to track marketing campaigns. Read more:
b. Necessary Cookies
  • cookieBubble
    This is a jQuery plugin to show the cookie messages.
  • Cookie Script
    "Cookiescriptaccept" is used to record whether a user has accepted our cookie script. Read more:
  • laravel_session
    This is used to create a session ID for the user, so that the system itself can identify the user as a unique and individual user, distinct from anyone else looking at the website.
  • Verification Code
    This is used to prevent spam being sent by bots.
  • Google reCAPTCHA
    This is used to prevent spam from bots. Read more:
  • YouTube Tracking Code
    We use this tracking code to track the traffic of YouTube videos embedded in our sites.
    For website security, this cookie is used to stop Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF).

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